Book 7 Traffic Control

The purpose of this course is to enable workers who set up, take down traffic control devices and those who also direct traffic, to understand the legislative requirements and best industry practices, and what equipment and devices to use and how to use them appropriately. This, in turn, will help protect themselves, their co-workers and the motoring public. Participants will also learn how to assess the worksite and apply those issues in the creation of a traffic protection plan.

Participants will be involved in mock operation scenarios in which they will have to utilize the training received to create the necessary paperwork for the operation and to ensure all elements of Occupational Health & safety regulations that apply to the job are addressed including the tailgate meeting.

Topics to be covered:

  • Procedures for temporary workzones
  • Signs
  • Other traffic control devices
  • Traffic control devices – Quality control guidelines
  • Buffer vehicles
  • Typical layouts
  • Traffic control person training

This course is 6-7 hours in duration. Written tests will be conducted at the conclusion of the course. We provide an additional one half day, in field, hands on setup based on the prior one day training course, where the participant receives instruction on the proper application of set up procedures as per Book 7. 

This course has a CEU-0.7 UNITS for water departments.

We also provide in field assessments / audits of traffic control setups already installed. Please call for more information.

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We also offer an alternative format to this Traffic Control course.